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7 good reason to choose us

Because time is money

When we say money, we really means money. Our fast and proffesional service is dedicated to provide a tailored product just for you.

We're always "there" for you

Our customer services is commited to give you a real time response during working hour, which is when problems mostly occur. After working hour, we are commited to proceed your request in less than 24 hour. Guarantee!

Because we believe in us

And to make you do so, 100% money back guarantee if our services doesn't meet the goal stated in the agreement.

We will makes sure that your investment is not a waste

We d training, free 6 month maintenance, anything you need to get the system running well and your team ready to use the new system.

Because you have 100% control

Every changes, every progress, will be informed to you, for you to give us approval. This is not a lottery game, we ant you to be satisfied, not shocked.

Because we are your 1 stop solution

Solvo can give you any E-Business requirement you need. We are here to make your business goes "E-" easily.

Reasonable price

Well, we can give you the calculation if you need. So, just drop us a call or email or live chat to set up meeting. :)

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Meet the Team

Rika Peng

CEO & Co Founder

I always believe that there's always ways to make this world a better place, a cluttered system flowing well, and the usage of technology to simplify human task. You just have to look for the way, and you made it. You find us!

Aditya Kurniawan

CIO & Co Founder

Look cool, think cool. I am going to be your favorite.

"The Painter"


Roses are red, violets are blue. Let your self create and you'll never feels blue.

Saka Heroji


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